Sunday, April 23, 2006

An Evening on Beach!

Once upon a time, some singhs from dublin visited the sandymount beach near dublin gurdwara. what they did there is unbelieving! out yourself.

mera oondo-oondo kare jee ni sahelio.... Karan Bhaji !

Rab Jane ke Phulpreet Bhaji kish cheez di practice karde aah?

let me fly today..... gill bhaji

landed back safely.....vadayian!

mera ajj nachan nu jee karda.....wah bhai hardip sian

antar bhaji thora sanbal ke chalna haiga!!

attention please!
(L2R) sukhbir, Gurpreet, Sodi and Antarjit

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Departure Day!!

It is much easier to read posts on other blogs than writing and updating this blog, and worst this seems to be waiting for pictures to upload. I'm just wondering is there any easier way or format to upload pic. ...contitueing the story, on 3rd of april, Bhai Sohan Singh and His Son (Bhai Gurpreet Singh) ended their month long trip to Ireland. They came here on 2nd of march, since then gurdwara was full of activities. Now their absence is felt by everyone in the sangat as they have a created a sense of togetherness in dublin sangat through kirtan, katha, kaveshari, and gatka. Now they are in Uk for five months and promised to visit dublin sangat again in july...below are some pictures...

Picture taken in Divan Hall a evening before Bhai Sohan Singh's departure.

Bhai Sohan Singh(left) with Bhai Jasbir Singh (right-Granthi Singh in Dublin Gurdwara)
Dass with Bhai Sohan Singh

At Dublin Airport

Flower Singh(left), Bhai Gurpreet Singh and Gurmeet Singh (right)
Singhs - Flower, Gurpreet, Gurmeet, Antarjit, Hardip and Karanjit (L to R)