Thursday, August 16, 2007

Turban Ban in Ireland - Please Write an Email to Irish Authorities

Recently a member of sikh community from Ireland volunteered to Join Garda Researve (Voluntary) Force. In the middle of his training, he was asked to remove his turban and wear force's hat.Please write an letter of appeal to Irish authorities and email it to following emails addresses.

Please spare five mintue and send a letter of appeal. Lets us protect our right to wear turban.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Gurdwara Visit

Yesterday, a group of 22 young Irish men & women from Belfast visited Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar, Dublin. The visit was hosted by Irish Sikh Council. The group reached Gurdwara Sahib at 2pm.

Listening to Talk. Visitors listened to presentation with great interest and curiosity. Then at the end of presentation, they asked lot of questions and whole discussion continued for nearly 40 minutes.Most of questions centered around Racism, Kirpan, Marriage, Bringing Up of young kids in Ireland, purpose of coming to Ireland. With Guru Sahib Kirpa, all the questions were answered to satisfaction of Visitors. One girl made the local Sangat Laugh, when she asked, "do you need License to wear Kirpan?"

Then Bhai Sahib read Anand Sahib and did ardass. Bhai Gurmeet Singh served the parshaad to Sangat.

Visitors waiting for langar.

Hardip Singh serving the langar.

Visitor Enjoying Guru Ka Langer.

After Langer, Bhai Harpreet Singh gave brief introduction about Sikh Martial Art - Gatka.

Gatka Team, Doing ardass to Guru Sahib before the Gatka Demonstration.

Jaspreet and Simmi doing Gatka.

Hardip Singh with Chakar. Eve - inspiring Gatka demonstration was really praised by visitors.

Group Photo before visitors left the Gurdwara. It was so satisfying to see another 22 people knowing more about sikhs and sikh identity and Values! Hope Guru Sahib would continues to bless local Dublin Sangat with this seva.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Firewalking Entrepreneurs!

This Event took place in Dublin Institute of Technology as part of closing ceremony for series of seminars aimed at minority entrepreneurship. It was really good exercise, to show that when your mind is focused, results are outstanding. when i received invitation from Lucia ( a fellow Ph.D student, also Manager for IME) I didn't believe her. I just thought it to be something, i would be watching only. But only to realise on the day when Lucia gave me a form to sign that, "I'm taking part in the firewalking exercise on my own and would be solely responsible for any injury caused'. Waheguroooo! I was like, "Are you really serious?. Anyway i soon realised that I'm not only to die this untimely death...LOL! Forms were being handed over to everyone without any 'discrimination' or 'predujice'. And surprisingly, EVERYONE wanted to walk on fire!

Well event is also reported on dit website, great!

I got pistures for the event, will upload soon.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Peter & Brien in Ireland - Comedy

Today my friend Aidan showed this funny movie this evening. It's from family guy. It is just hilarious!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Kirtan in Dublin Gurdwara by Uk Singhs

Bhagat Singh Doing Kirtan In Dublin Gurdwara. Bhai Inderjeet Singh on Tabla while Himmat Singh sitting behind.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Uk Singhs in Dublin

Bhagat Singh with other Singhs on Dublin roads

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Visit of UK Singhs to Dublin

On Monday 9th April, we had a wonderful day! You know ...why? One it was Sukhjinder Singh's B'day and second we met Some wonderful singhs from Uk.

Singhs from Plashet Hockey Club, London, came to Dublin to participate in Hockey comptition. They played very well and but lost in Final.

The Warriors managed to knock the host club Corinthians out of the competition, and landed themselves a place in the final. The very tired Plashet found themselves facing the mighty Monkstown, sitting 2nd in the Irish Premier League. Needless to say, Plashet put up a brave fight.. but unfortunately, their fitness let them down, and Monkstown took the Winners trophy.

By the help of a nice Irish man, who ranged his wife to get the Gurdwara Address and then gave it to Uk Singhs, they reached Gurdwara Sahib on Monday morning.

Paying their respect to Guru Sahib.

Baba Jee giving Parshad to Sangat.

It was Sukhjinder bhaji's B'day, so we have gone to gurdwara Sahib to do Sukhmani Sahib da path. (Sukhjinder with Kesri Dastar)

Bhagat Veerji doing Kirtan after the path, while Inderjit (indi) bhaji on tabla. Kirtan was really blisful!

Then everbody went to langer hall have Aallo-Gobi walle paranthe! Sukhjinder bhaji actually managed to save money by celebrating b'day in gurmat style, which he normally don't recommend for others!

Sukhwinder and Daljeet Veerjee Enjoying Aallo-gobi walle paranthe!
Gary making sure he is covered in picture!

Singhs seeing the pictures of St.Patrick Festival.
after that we decided to take Uk singhs to Howth.

Coming outside and having group photo! before we leave for Howth.

The small harbour town of Howth, in North County Dublin 15kms from the city centre, is as famous for its fresh fish as it is for the craggy hill which towers above the town and dominates Dublin Bay.

Taxi Seva!
Karanjit Singh leading others! Karanjit Bhaji is our local community turist guide, and best thing about him is that he doesn't charge!
Absolute Free!

Guess! what is missing....?

After half an hour drive we reached Howth!

Howth is a peninsula - linked to the mainland by a narrow spit of land. The name Howth is derived from the Danish word 'hoved' which means head.

Seems as if Kirandip giving passing some information to Visiting Singhs

Toward the destination...

I think some people got impressed with singhs.

Singha di Fauj, Kardi firae Mauj!

Going down to bless the water....

It was really difficult to get down, but singhs refused to give up!

Ajaypal and Sukh Bhaji.
Ajaypal Veerjee Send all the pictures from Uk. So thanks Veerjee!

Uk singhs having some fun while coming down

Still long way to go.....

Blessed souls who touched the ground before others

Ranjit, Kamaldip and Gurmeet Singh.

Rana & Darry, waiting for others

Rab Bhalla Kare!
Singhs Coming down....slowly but surely!

Singh watching Punjabi Style trekking

Desi Style Trekking!

"Oh Veerjee! for god's sake, Please Come down", Gary.

"Wish I could also go there..." Bhagat Singh
Bhagat Veerjee did beautiful Kirtan.

Oh gaye, oh gaye !

Coming back

Nearly there...

Mission Accomplished!

Himmat Bhaji, Kia smile hai !

Gurpreet, Bagga, & Gary with Cone
After we reached parking, then everyone was facilitated with a cone, which was a great challenge in itself, given speed of wind out there.

And finally reached Gurdwara Sahib, did Rehrass Da Path and then Kirtan.
then Uk singhs took langer and left for Dublin Ferry Port. We met them by chance but it was such a nice experience that everyone will remeber. All singhs were very nice and we mixed up so quickly as if we knew each other for long time. we will be waiting for their next trip, when they come again to not just play hockey, but take the trophy. we wish good luck!