Thursday, May 31, 2007

Firewalking Entrepreneurs!

This Event took place in Dublin Institute of Technology as part of closing ceremony for series of seminars aimed at minority entrepreneurship. It was really good exercise, to show that when your mind is focused, results are outstanding. when i received invitation from Lucia ( a fellow Ph.D student, also Manager for IME) I didn't believe her. I just thought it to be something, i would be watching only. But only to realise on the day when Lucia gave me a form to sign that, "I'm taking part in the firewalking exercise on my own and would be solely responsible for any injury caused'. Waheguroooo! I was like, "Are you really serious?. Anyway i soon realised that I'm not only to die this untimely death...LOL! Forms were being handed over to everyone without any 'discrimination' or 'predujice'. And surprisingly, EVERYONE wanted to walk on fire!

Well event is also reported on dit website, great!

I got pistures for the event, will upload soon.


Matt Kamla said...

WoW Veerjee thats sooooooo Cool how did u manage to walk on fire??? i wonder if i cud tho?:)

Walk on burning coals... said...

I wonder if everyone would have been able to walk on the red hot coals what is practiced in India as oppose to part ashes part wood fire.