Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Gurdwara Visit

Yesterday, a group of 22 young Irish men & women from Belfast visited Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar, Dublin. The visit was hosted by Irish Sikh Council. The group reached Gurdwara Sahib at 2pm.

Listening to Talk. Visitors listened to presentation with great interest and curiosity. Then at the end of presentation, they asked lot of questions and whole discussion continued for nearly 40 minutes.Most of questions centered around Racism, Kirpan, Marriage, Bringing Up of young kids in Ireland, purpose of coming to Ireland. With Guru Sahib Kirpa, all the questions were answered to satisfaction of Visitors. One girl made the local Sangat Laugh, when she asked, "do you need License to wear Kirpan?"

Then Bhai Sahib read Anand Sahib and did ardass. Bhai Gurmeet Singh served the parshaad to Sangat.

Visitors waiting for langar.

Hardip Singh serving the langar.

Visitor Enjoying Guru Ka Langer.

After Langer, Bhai Harpreet Singh gave brief introduction about Sikh Martial Art - Gatka.

Gatka Team, Doing ardass to Guru Sahib before the Gatka Demonstration.

Jaspreet and Simmi doing Gatka.

Hardip Singh with Chakar. Eve - inspiring Gatka demonstration was really praised by visitors.

Group Photo before visitors left the Gurdwara. It was so satisfying to see another 22 people knowing more about sikhs and sikh identity and Values! Hope Guru Sahib would continues to bless local Dublin Sangat with this seva.

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Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Great seva of Parchaar!

Keep up the good work.