Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World Refugee Day Awards 2006

Today there was two events which took place in Dublin. One was AGM of Integrating Ireland and another one was World Refugee Day 2006 Awards. Integrating Ireland is an umbrella organisation which works with over hundred of ethnic/immigrant led organisations in Ireland. Irish Sikh Council (http://www.irishsikhcouncil.com) is also a member organisation. I was quite surprised by the fact that some of most active member organisation/ persons are coming from african background & how they are helping to raise issues associated with their communities is eye openers for us.

Then there was world refugee day 2006 awards at Dublin City Council building. Programme started at 7pm. I reached there around quarter to seven and saw that everybody was being serving nice stuffed, vegetarian samosas and rolls.I took some pictures, then a man came to me and said, "sardar jee, how are you". I cudn't believe my ears for a moment. I asked him how do you know that I am a sikh. then he told me that he had taught biochemistry in CMC Ludhiana for 3 years in 1980's. At present he is teaching in Trinity College Dublin. He was very friendly guy and had been very appreciative of India, especially of sikhs throughout the conversatioin. As programme started there was address by Lord Mayor of Dublin. and before they stated other things, to our surprise, person incharge of stage announced the Punjabi Dancers are welcomed to stage!

these Drumers (informally) started the programme, by plying there drums. All the four participants belong to different countires!

Lord Mayor of Dublin, Cllr. Catherine Bryne giving her inauguration speech.

Jagroop & his Bhangra Team giving their performace. It was very nice performance.

Bhangraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (Punjabi folk dance)

Giving them bit of support!

Audiences enjoying the Bhagra!

Audiences were from all countries, majority of them from africa.

Hardip, Ranjit and Vivek in the background.

Mayor giving awards to nominated members.

Dr. Ronit Lentin, Dept of Sociology, Trinity College, Dublin, inviting people for awards.

( LtoR) Naimah Manna, Salome Mbugua, and Kay Mulhall nominated and awarded for their work in Community & Environment Category.

Nigerian Community presenting their dance. It was funny that they were asked by the stage secretary to perform better than the Punjabi dancers!

Mr. ......., Director of Integrating Ireland, giving his speech.

(LtoR) Memet Uludag & Laurence Van de Hogen awarded for their work in Education & Youth Category.

Drumers- a trually diverse team!

(LtoR) Dass, Vivek and Hardip Singh, at world refugee day.

(LtoR) Dass, with Ranjit & Hardip Singh

Vivek Jee with big smiles!

As we came out, some of afgani came to us and said, "Sardar ji ki hall hai...chak de fatteeeh"....We all were very surprised and had photo with them.

Ranjit Singh outside Dublin Civic Offices!

Vivek outside Dublin Civic Office.

After that we decided to go to nearby Museam but nobody thought that museam is open for certain time rather than 24hrs! Front doors were open for some other reasons, as we went inside, security guard told us that museam is already closed!

Hardip and Gurcharan Singh on the way to Museum!

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