Monday, March 27, 2006

Dublin Gurdwara -Guru Nanak Darbar.

For last one month, there is lot of activity going on in gurdwara due to efforts of Bhai Sohan Singh and his son Bhai Gurpreet Singh, who have come from Sri Hazoor Sahib and teaching the sanagt kirtan, and gatka. As sikh community is very small in Ireland (roughly 1ooo people - most of them live in Dublin), Gurdwara used to be quite place during the weekdays, most sangat coming to guru-ghar on sunday or special days. but now everyday is like sunday, and sunday is like gurpurab or terms of attendence of sangat. Both singhs are in chardikala and equally good in katha, kirtan, kaveeshari, gurbani santhia and gatka, attracting all types of sangat!! you can see some of gatka pictures on
Also gurdwara detail are available on the website. I will try to put more pictures as i get time.

Guru fateh,

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