Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hola Mahalla Celebrations

Bole So Nihaaal...Sat Sri Akaaaaaaaaaaal

Guru jee finally had kirpa on sangat in Ireland as sangat is able to celebrate hola mahalla with chardi kala! It was lovely demonstration by all the singhs who practiced day and night for two weeks to be able to perform on coming sunday after Hola Mohalla.

Sachman Singh With chakar!!...Can u do that?

Sachman and Daman (Youngest Members of Khalsa Brigade) showing their kala de johar!!

The newly formed Khalsa Brigade (Gatka Team) is going to shanon this saturday for showing their skills (kala de johar!) hope to have more pictures!!

More pictures of Hola Mahalla celebration are uploaded this morning by Bhai Harpreet Singh on website. here is the link..


Guru Fateh,


Otpreka Singh said...

nice pics, good to see kids at such a young age getting active

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Good to see Chardikala Sangat in Ireland :)