Friday, May 05, 2006

Anadpur Sahib - Our Ture Birth Place

Beautiful Poem received in a mail.....

Anandpur Sahib
Our True Birth Place
O Anandpur Sahib
City of Bliss
Land of the Pure
Birthplace of Mine

Cradle of the Khalsa, Home of Kesgarh Sahib, Our Guru Ji's Shrine,

You were first founded by Guru Tegh Bahadur, Nanak Number Nine,
Who soon summoned Gobind Rai to his side at the tender age of nine.

His father was deep in thought so he inquired, what was on his mind?
The Guru replied that tyranny had sunk their country into dire decline.

Gobind Rai proclaimed, why my noble father, let the blood be thine,
For I would rather go fatherless than see innocent millions maligned.

Thus a helping hand he did extend as all the while his life was on the line,
But the language of love is sometimes not enough as his brave son did find.

O Anandpur Sahib, City of Bliss, Land of the Pure, birthplace of mine,
From whose sacred soil sprang forth the Khalsa on the Vasakhi of 1699

Where the five beloved ones were baptized as they all knelt in a line,
And the tenth master declared, I am likewise your discipline as your art mine.

Here the Red Cross was foreseen well over a century ahead of its time,
Only they battlefields, not aiding the wounded was considered a crime.

You see neither friend nor foe, only faces of children of the One Divine,
With walls which shine dazzling white and borders that are colour blind.

Countless Pilgrims have been blessed by thee since the Spring of 1699,
May thy message of human rights spring eternal in our hearts and minds.

And so, to where Gobind Rai was reborn Guru Gobind Singh, I humbly pine,

O Anandpur Sahib
City of Bliss
Land of the Pure
Birthplace of Mine


Confused Khalsa said...

could you please email me any keertan you have of Gurpreet Singh or Sohan Singh to my email address:

thanks so much.

Satwinder Singh said...

Veer Jee,

we have video recording so I don't think I can email that. But we can post you the cd if you provide us with postal address. you can write to us at or