Monday, May 15, 2006

Bhai Jasbir Singh Jee - Granthi Singh at Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar, Dublin

Today is 15th May 2005, a normal day for me and most of you out there. But it holds a special place for Bhai Jasbir Singh (Guru ke Vazeer-Granthi Singh at Dublin gurdwara. 15th may marks the completion of a Decade long seva of Bhai Sahib in Dublin Gurdwara. Bhai Sahib came to Dublin on 15 May 1996 and has been in Guru Sahib's Seva ever since.Bhai Sahib has lot of pyar for Guru Sahib's seva. Bhai sahib is often praised for his service in the langar. He always make sure that anybody coming to Guru sahib's darshan do not go back without having langar or tea! Hope Guru Sahib would continue to take seva from Bhai Jasbir Singh in future as well

Bhai Sahib blongs to Garhshankar town in Hoshiarpur District in Punjab.

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