Monday, August 14, 2006

Trip 2 Galway - Day One

Summer is nearly over and atleast we had a trip - trip 2 galway! 19 of us, including 4 kids, packed in 4 cars headed to galway around 11am on 5 August. Plan was to leave dublin around 5am but thanks to sleeping pattern of some of the singhs who only sleep at amrit vela i.e., 3am, that we were only behind the schedule by 6hours! Anyway we had to take some harsh methods to wake them up at 6am and then could only leave at 11am.......

Singhan de jave car shookdi............otte jhoolde kesri jhande!

Galway is 280km from Dublin. it took us around 3 hour to reach there and and another half an hour to find the holiday home which we rented for a week. Bhai Karanjit Singh was leading the convoy and I was helping him with direction from map. Just one mistake at roundabout and another half an hour. then we rang the house owner and he helped us out.

While we stoped at Athlone Gas station, an irish guy (who was sitting in nearby car with his family) came to us. He has been to Amritsar last year, so he knew about sikhs & was very happy to see Punjabi Sikhs in Ireland! while leaving he folded his hands and very clearly said, "waheguru jee ka khalsa waheguru jee ki fateh"! another surprise for which none of us was prepared!

A photo including photgrapher as well!

Wait ....let us join (Sadi Vee photo khichoo!)

(R2L) Karanjit, Ranjit, & Hardip Singh. Athlone city is at one hour's drive from Dublin & is at centre of Ireland. Athlone city is now being developed as hub of economic activity.

Beautiful view while heading to Connemara National Park. Some of Ireland's finest scenery is in North connemara. Connemara is a unique and very special part of County Galway. It is situated on the most western seaboard of Europe, and features breathtaking scenery, a rugged unpolluted coastline, dramatic mountains, numerous lakes and rivers, woodlands, and a National Park. Many of the inhabitants of Connemara are Gaelic speaking. The Irish langauge (Gaelic) is the everyday spoken language in large areas of Connemara known as the 'Gaeltacht'

Another View! it was hour and half drive from galway. sideviews were simply beautiful. The area's National Park covers about 4,000 acres of untamed countryside.

Bhai Harpreet Singh with Sachman & Japnitt Singh (while other gang members seem to planning strategy to break into park intrance)

It was evening when we reached park and we didn't had much time to take a big round of park. so we decided to take a short round of park.

(R2L) Kirandeep, Gurmeet, Satwinder & Hardip Singh

Picture at post no 3. there were marks in the park which people have to follow in order to finish their journey in time. if you have want to take short cut route then you have turn from a paticular no. Our critical post no was 3. In pic are Jaspal singh and his wife, karnajit & japnitt Singh, harkiran, jaskiran & harpreet Kaur.

"Hamari Sehat ka raaaj" - Bhai Harpreet Singh

Baba Hardip Singh dublin wale - ek zaadgar photo

Je dhosti ham kabhi na tore ge...! Pardhan sahib and Khajanchi

Both Bhai sahib also do seva as President(Pardhaan) & treasurer (khajaanchi) in Dublin gurdwara management committee.

Gabhan de mamle vich khajaanchi nu 5 saal jail !
Bhai Karnjit Singh jee at one of park gate.

do mahapurakh bhagti karde hoye!

After samadhi, Ranjit singh going back to his kutiyah (cottage) on his bicycle ?

Baba Hardip Singh jee in jubliant mood.
Baba jee blessing the park!

Baba jee in deep meditation!

Maya naal hi mere swass chalde han........maya dekh ke mere smile vapas aah jandi hai....!!

Gill bhaji Baba Hardip Singh jee nu maya bhet karde hoye.

Kids near safety signboard. well kids didn't care for anyone and were the first to finish the round.

Bibi Jaskiran Kaur and Sachman on their way.

Bhai Karanjit Singh and Japnitt Singh

Rukkhi bhai photo khichan valiyah...mainu theek tara baith lain de...(Wait....let me sit properly)

Hamara Parvaar! - family Photograph

Spanish people were so happy to be in picture....!

(R2L) Phulpreet, Kirandeep,Ranjit, Gurmeet, Satwinder, and Hardip Singh.
After we came out of park.

After visit to Connamara National Park, Singhs relaxing in the room. Gurvinder Singh (2nd from right) joined us in the evening. Pictures from 2nd and 3rd day are follow soon. stay tuned!

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