Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Trip 2 Galway - Day Two -Burren & Aran Island

On 2nd day we had plan to visit Aran island and cliffs of moher. But as we going to aran island we also spent time at Burren. The Burren lies south of Galway in County Clare, Ireland. The name Burren is from the Irish - bhoireann meaning a stony place. Its formation has lain unspoiled since the ice-age and is composed of karstic limestone, the largest area of such in western Europe.
Bharpreet answering nature's call !
As we driving for aran island, we had to stop near a place called Burren, for reasons obvious to everyone now! We didn't had any plan to stop here, we were just finding a place where we can park our cars without blocking the traffic. As everyone got out of cars, we found out sea on one side & white rock on the other side of us.

The Burren code is an intiative designed to inform people as to appropriate behaviour when visiting the Burren. The people who live in the Burren depend on the landscape for their livelihoods based on agriculture and tourism. The limestone pavement, flora and built heritage are the resources on which tourism in The Burren thrives. Respecting and conserving this resource will sustain the community’s wellbeing.

hasda...khelda.....Bodi wala Japnitt

Bharpreet, Sachman, & Gurpreet sitting on rock.

Clibing the hills

You can see cars parked on the road.

Kirandeep, Hardip, Karanjit, Ranjit, Phulpreet, Gurvinder, & Satwinder, while coming down from top.

Having Group Photo while sitting on Stones.

Here the unfolding layers of limestone form terraces on the slopes of the hills

(L2R) Harpreet, Harkiran Kaur, Satwinder, Kirandeep, Hardip, Phulpreet, Karanjit, Gurvinder, Gurmeet Singh

The Burren is a limestone plateau occupying an area of over one hundred square miles in North Clare.

Pani naal takkar lainde hoye! Kirandeep almost had a bath.

In the picture below...ranjit and hardip running out to save themselves.

SuperSingh -Karanjit Singh

Bhai Gurvinder Singh jee

Coming back to road - Bhai sahib leading the battalian

Runner up prise! Rab jane ke...where did he get coloured mushroom?

Family Photograph!

after so much adventure, everybody was sahi -salamat

Then we drove to ferry port. we reached there at exactly 2pm and ferry was about to leave. Took tickets immediately and went upto ferry staff to ask them to wait for few mintues as some of us were still finding the place for parking. As everybody came we boarded the ferry and set off to aran island.

Hardip, Karanjit and Phulpreet Singh

Ferry was very small and was shaking very badly

Bhai Harpreet Singh

Aran Island is 14 kms in length and 3.8 kms in width. Aran is a walker's paradise. Aran is full of wildlife and has some 437 varieties of wild flowers. One can hire a bike or take a pony and trap, or a guided tour with a modern minibus, from the pier. Alternatively,you can also see Aran on horseback alongwith live commentry!

Taking pictures on ferry wasn't easy.

Harkiran with Japnitt & Jaskiran Bhabi jee.

As we reached Aran Island, first thing we did, to find a place where we can take lucnch.

Enjoying alloo - gobi wale paranthe.
Pulpreet veer je and Kanval Bhabi je.

Attention please!

Singhs taking care of Langar.

Bringing kids out of cold walter..........Burrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhh!

Island has a small sandy beach, with Crystal clear water. Water seemed 100% free from pollution.

Glider in the sky! Aran Island has glider airport! infact very near to where we had our lunch.

"Run sachman run...!" Bhai Harpreet singh coming out of water.


Kirandeep on fort wall

You can see houses in the back. this island has papulation of 1218 in 2006. People depends on fishing for their survival and speak irish language.

ISC brigade kilhe te ............!

Morcha fateh!

After that we joined others back our base station and went to take ferry back.

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Thanks for sharing photos. May Guru Sahib keep all the Sangat of Ireland in Chardi Kalaa.

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