Sunday, February 25, 2007

Photo of the Week!

Well! there are quite a few interesting pics in our picture khajana, so we are going to select one of pic (with consent of our members of Khalsa Garh, except one who's pic is going to be live) and post it as photo of the week! ...what do you think ?

"...pag de larh theek kar reha si... na ki sorry mang reha", Bhai Gurpreet Singh (mohali wale)


Harkiran said...

Hahahahahaha!! Cool idea,poor Gurpreet Veerjee though:(!!
But make sure no such pic of me is put up Veerjee!!!!!:)
Gurfatehjee and stay Chardee Kalaa!

Satwinder Singh said...

Don't Worry Bhainjee, we will make sure that "no such pic" of you or anyone else goes live! We want to maintain the quality of blog so will only post pics which don't damage our blog!