Thursday, February 22, 2007

Post Grad Ireland's Education fair!

Like every year , postgrade ireland organised education fair in RDS on 21 feb.
what's so special about this year?...................nothing except the fact that some Singhs accepted the organisers invitation and decided to visit the fair!

RDS - One of Main Exihibition Centre In Dublin

RDS (Royal Dublin Society) was established in 1731, it's purpose being to promote the development of arts, agriculture, industry and science in Ireland. It moved to it's Ballsbridge site in 1879 and currently the site covers 40 acres. There are 10 multi-purpose exhibition halls, meeting rooms, the RDS stadium, restaurants, bars, and over 2,000 car parking spaces!

Trinity of Singhs!

(From LtoR) Subek Singh, Kirandeep Singh, and Bhai Gurpreet Singh(mohali wale)

Kirandeep is so happy to receive this blue bag from organisers, hope he won't use it for bringing grocery from supermarket!

Subek Singh enquiring about MBA programme at UCD Micheal Smurfit School of Business. Smurfit Business School runs One of best MBA programme in Ireland.

Enquiring about DIT's Research programmes. DIT is the largest third level College in Ireland.
College and universities from all over UK put their info stalls as well.

After the fair, we went to Gurdwara Sahib, which is just five mintues walk from RDS. Being the main exihibition centre, there is always something going on in RDS.

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Harkiran said...

Veerjee that's cool!You all prob got some useful info! Next time be sure to take me to! Gurfatehjee XxXx:-)